Threats, violence, verbal abuse, intimidation, vandalism and damage, sexual assault and/or coercion are all ways you can be affected by homophobia, hate and discrimination whether it is coming from members of the public or your own family.

The Advocacy Service is there to provide support and information if:

Our advocacy worker can:

  • Support you in your disclosure and reporting of incidents
  • Advise you of your choice and control over what happens next
  • Accompany you in a supportive role should you wish to take things further with PSNI, NIHE etc
  • Provide information about support and services available to you and your family
  • Speak on your behalf to agencies and service providers
  • Raise awareness of issues you have faced/are facing to improve services in the future
  • Treat all matters with sensitivity and respect for your privacy

You can contact our advocacy officer by calling us on the numbers to your right or emailing them at