Many people put up with verbal insults and abuse, physical intimidation, vandalism and damage, bullying and threats to themselves, their home, family, partner and friends because of homophobic and transphobic attitudes.

The Advocacy service for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people has been set up in partnership with the PSNI, the Belfast City Council and the Housing Executive, in order to improve services and feed back issues from the LGB and Trans communities. If you experience any of these things because of your sexual orientation or your gender identity or you know someone who has, support and information is available for you.

Whilst based in the Rainbow Project, the advocacy service is for all gay, lesbian and bisexual people and also transgender people. It makes the important distinction between issues of sexual orientation and gender identity. The advocacy worker treats all matters with utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.

We also work in partnership with other support agencies and services and will put you in touch with workers, groups and services to get you the best support available.

To access our Advocacy Service, please contact Natalie Corbett on (028) 90319030 Email:

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