To book a Rapid HIV and Syphilis test please complete the form below and click submit. Our Sexual Health Development Officer, James, will endeavour to be in touch within 48 hours. Please note that while testing is rapid in the sense that you get your results within 10 minutes of the test taking place it is not always possible to allocate you an appointment on an immediate basis (i.e. you want an appointment for 5.00 pm and submit the query at 4.50 pm). We will contact you to ensure we can book you in for a test that suits you and us. If you would like us to contact you there are some simple tips you might want to remember:

  • Please try to give us a mobile number rather than a landline. Often a landline is accessible to numerous other people and it is difficult for us to verify who we are and why we are calling when we can’t be sure of the identity of the person on the other end of the phone
  • We contact from a withheld number. If we are not able to get through to you we will leave a voicemail with the message ‘Hi there, this is James from The Rainbow Project for (your name) regarding a query you have submitted online. I’m sorry to have missed you. Please call our office back on 028 90319030’.
  • We will attempt to make contact with you three times. If you have not responded by the third time we will disregard your query.

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