Post 19 Lobby Group is a group of parents and carers of young people with severe learning disabilities and special schools from across Northern Ireland.  The Lobby Group is calling for all parents and carers to get involved in a piece of research they are carrying out on Post 19 Transition. Transition is the process which marks the end of education and the move over to adult services.  For young people with severe learning disabilities (sld’s) this happens at 19 years.

Whilst research has been carried out on opportunities available to those with learning disabilities generally, there is very little information available on the opportunities for those with severe learning disabilities.

Julie Jamieson, Post 19 Lobby Group Lead, stated,

“Back in 2007 the Local Assembly were informed that of the 100 young people with learning disabilities who leave school each year in Northern Ireland, 20% with complex and /or multiple disabilities have no choice but to attend their local day centre.  As parents and carers’ we have to question the availability of choice for our young people, what opportunities do they have for life long learning?   This research should provide us with a clear picture of the situation for young people with severe learning disabilities upon leaving school.”

Young people with severe learning disabilities, their parents and carers’ and Post Transition Placement providers from across Northern Ireland are invited to participate in the research by filling in an online questionnaire.  There are 3 questionnaires and each should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.  So please get involved and let the voice of our young people be heard.  The Lobby Group will be hosting some focus groups on the 19th & 20th January 2012.

Young People with sld’s should use: <>

Parents & Carers should use: <>

Post 19 Transition Placement Providers should use: <>

Alternative formats can be made available upon request from Julie Jamieson, by email: or by phone: 07511967270.

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