Changing Attitude Ireland Events to mark IDAHO

Changing Attitude Ireland Events to mark IDAHO

International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) Sunday 15th May 2011

Belfast – St George’s High Street 3.00pm Speaker Rt. Revd. David Kerr (former President of the Methodist Church in Ireland)

Dublin – St. Patrick’s Cathedral 3.15pm Speaker Canon Ginnie Kennerley

Cork – St. Anne’s Shandon 3.00pm Speaker Canon Hiliary Wakeman

Limerick – St. Mary’s Cathedral 7.00pm Speaker Fr. Adrian Egan Cssr

Theme: Challenging homophobia at home and abroad.

When we first launched the Enough! campaign we were overwhelmed by the amount of stories people told as both victims and witnesses that told of homophobia and exclusion in the local churches in Northern Ireland.  The Rainbow Project welcomes the work Changing Attitude Ireland is doing to create safe spaces for LGB&T people of faith with the brand Inclusive Church

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