The Enough! Campaign is an initiative (first launched in November 2010 that encourages all people who have experienced or witnessed homophobic attitudes, prejudice and hate to share their stories and experiences anonymously on the back of a postcard or online.

 We know people live quietly and fearfully, being sent messages from wider society that abuse and harassment comes with the territory of being gay – well this campaign today says Enough! of that – our aim is to affirm those who are isolated and afraid and to offer support so you don’t have to battle homophobia alone – on top of that we want to celebrate the people, couples and families who live among us, who love, laugh and cry just like anybody else.

On Tuesday 17 May Rainbow will be in the Queen’s area of Belfast in the morning, Belfast city centre in the afternoon giving out stickers and lollies – taking photos, filming interviews and asking people to fill out Enough! cards.  Find us on facebook and check our website to see where we are and what we are doing.  Most of all we want to hear from you and have you get involved so keep watching this space to see how!

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