The Family Ties Project held a showing of ‘The Kids are all right’ movie and follow-up discussion as part of the Belfast Pride Festival.

Family Ties is a group for parents, by parents, providing advice, befriending and social and peer support for parents with LGB&T children and young people.

The film was shown at the cube theatre in Crescent Arts Centre, and was used as a talking point about parenting as an LGB person and parenting LGB children and young people. The film tells the story of a female same-sex couple and their children, and the subsequent upheaval when their two children introduce their sperm donor father back into family life.

Representatives from LASI, The Rainbow Project and two parents from the Family Ties project fielded questions from the audience and shared some of their own personal stories. Many of those present also shared their own stories regarding parenting issues.

For more information on the Family Ties Project please visit our website ( contact Mal at The Rainbow Project or Tel 90319030

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