Venue: Café Kina, High Street, Holywood

Date: Thursday 27th October @ 7.30 pm


As an LGB&T person do you know your legal rights?

Where you stand regarding your

  • Health rights?
  • Financial rights?
  • Housing rights

Do you share your home or jointly own it?

Why bother making a Will?

What a Civil Partnership does for you … legally speaking?

What do you need to know about the Law to protect yourself and your interests?

Roger McLernon and Ciaran Moynagh [of McLernon Moynagh, Solicitors, High Street, Holywood], two gay Law Practitioners will be our guests on the evening, to explain the basics that every LGB&T person should know about the Law, and how best to protect yourself and your interests within the Law.

Also attending the Legal evening on 27th October will be Harriet Long, from The Rainbow Project.

Harriet runs an advocacy service across the whole LGB sector and also for Trans individuals and groups. She offers support and information to anyone who has been a victim of, or witness to, hate crime or hate motivated incidents, to people who are having trouble accessing services such as housing or to those who feel they may be living in an abusive relationship. While her desk and phone are in The Rainbow Project she works closely with groups and individuals across the city of Belfast and represents their interests to agencies such as the PSNI, Belfast Council and the Housing Executive. Harriet has been working in the women’s sector in the areas of domestic violence and mental health for the last four years, and before that was a youth and community worker in her local area.

If you don’t protect yourself – there will always be those ready and willing to take advantage!!!

This is one GLAD event you simply can’t afford to miss!!!

Café Kina serves a wide variety of coffees and amazing cakes, all at modest prices. Sadly GLAD is not wealthy enough to provide these free of charge for those attending!

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