Gay Ethnic Social Group

Being a gender or sexual minority (lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender) or an ethnic minority can be challenging. Being both a sexual and an ethnic minority in Northern Ireland can be even more challenging and can leave people vulnerable to isolation and multiple discrimination. Over the last five months a small group of gay men and a woman from Traveller and Chinese backgrounds have been quietly establishing the foundations to build an informal support network for people with similar multiple identities. Gay Ethnic Group (GEG) was formed with the support of the Rainbow Project and had its first outing at Queerspace’s recent 13th Birthday party which highlighted the LGBT and ethnic minority experience. It is important to stress that while GEG will inevitably address the serious issues faced by sexual and ethnic minorities, GEG also wants to celebrate our unique and multi layered identities with the wealth of experience and perspectives this affords. To this aim we are holding our first informal social event at Belfast’s LGBT centre this Saturday 4th June at 2pm. Newcomers are welcome to join us for tea, coffee and a friendly chat. Please contact us in advance if you wish to attend. Full details on accompanying flyer or you can reach us via the Rainbow Project.

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