Hate in all its forms is wrong. Attacking or verbally abusing someone because of their sexuality, race, political opinion, religion or disability is not acceptable.

If you are a victim of a hate incident or crime you can get some help with repairs and security to your rented home, whether you rent privately or through the Northern Ireland Housing Executive or own your own home.

Minimum repairs can be made to your home as well as follow up support and security advice can be given to help you remain in your home – it is important that you report all incidents to the PSNI to avail of this scheme.

Anyone who has been subject of a racist, sectarian, homophobic, religious or disability attack should feel safe where they live. The HIPA scheme means victims will have access to personal and home security measures when a hate crime incident has occurred at or near their home.

This scheme will provide support 24 hours a day because it is important that victims can access practical help so that they can live free from fear and prejudice.

The Housing Executive in partnership with the PSNI and DoJ (Department of Justice) are committed to providing the necessary and relevant support to victims to remain in the home. This approach is about focusing on the well-being of the victim as opposed to moving home as the only safe option.

The HIPA scheme is about offering support to help you feel safe in your own home.

Click on this link to view or download a copy of the HIPA  leaflet:  http://www.nidirect.gov.uk/hipaleaflet.pdf

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