Local aspiring actors associated with the Rainbow Project have been given a unique opportunity to work with professional theatre company Sole Purpose Productions to stage the highly entertaining and humourous play, Galatea by Lawrence Aronovitch. The production has been developed in partnership with Derry City Council and The Rainbow Project. It will be performed in The Playhouse on Tuesday 23rd August at 8pm as part of the events for this years Foyle Gay Pride.


Galatea takes a fresh look at the Pygmalion legend from a gay perspective. In ancient Greek mythology Pygmalion was the creator of a sculpture that came to life. The play sees Harry, a middle aged painter, develop a ‘liking’ for Eli, the young model who poses for him. Georgie, Harry’s long term partner, is a bit jittery. Freddie, Eli’s boyfriend, who he plans to marry, is also asking questions….


The play, which has been professionally produced in Ottawa and Vancouver, explores themes of love, loyalty, marriage, class and art. It is directed and produced by Patricia Byrne, Artistic Director of Sole Purpose. There are brilliant performances from Damian Friel, Alex Wilson, Micheál Kerrigan and Frank Rafferty. The writer, Lawrence Aronovitch, who will travel from Canada to see the production, said “I’m delighted that Galatea has been selected to be part of Foyle Gay Pride. When same-sex marriage became legal in Canada, I decided to write a comic play to look at the nature of relationships and fidelity within the gay world. These questions are very much part of Pride and I look forward very much to seeing how Derry’s talented artists interpret the show.”


Derry City Council Community Relations Officer Angela Askin commented, ‘Derry City Council is very pleased to be associated with this production. The play is thought provoking and should challenge some common stereotypes about gay people. We hope that the audience will enjoy the production and also stay for a short Q + A with the cast and writer following the performance. We are also working with Headliners on this project who are going to conduct some interviews with the cast and audience to gauge reaction to the production.’ Derry City Council are supporting this production through the District Council Community Relations Programme.


David McCartney, Manager of The Rainbow Project, which is a support organisation for the LBGTQ community stated that, “ We are delighted to be involved with Lawrence Aronovitch and Sole Purpose in this production. The play is being staged agianst a backdrop of virulent homophobia in the press and on the streets. It should be noted that we do not respond with any antagonism but through the medium of the arts and by supporting an inclusive and colourful festival.”


Galatea will be staged in The Playhouse on Tuesday 23rd August at 8pm, there will be a wine reception at 7.15pm, everyone is welcome. Entrance by recommended donation £5. For further details contact Sole Purpose on 71279918, email solepurpose@mac.com, www.solepurpose.org

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