The Rainbow Project has voiced its disappointment at comments made by Secretary of State Owen Paterson, on gay marriage, to a constituent.

John O’Doherty Director of The Rainbow Project said: ‘It is disappointing that a Government Minister can from one side of his mouth support the Governments moves towards equality of LGBT people but opposes moves to address such a fundamental inequality’.

‘Marriage should be available to all consenting people of age, regardless of their sexual orientation. The introduction of gay marriage will not impact on anybody, except same sex couples wishing to avail of them. Separate but equal is not equal and opposing marriage rights for same sex couples sends out a message that these relationships are not equal to heterosexual relationships under the law’.

1.       In Northern Ireland in 2010 there were 2,900 divorces, 19% of people getting married had previously been married and 31% of marriages were civil rather than religious ceremonies. Since the introduction of civil partnerships there have been 537 registered civil partnerships and only 3 dissolutions. Taken from

2.       Owen Patersons letter can be viewed

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