Edwin Poots

Today, the Court of Appeal granted leave for the Health Minister, Edwin Poots to appeal the court’s previous ruling on adoption for same-sex and unmarried couples to the Supreme Court.

Both the court at first instance and the Court of Appeal held that the current ban on same-sex and unmarried couples applying to be adopters represented unlawful discrimination.

Speaking on the decision of the Court, Director of The Rainbow Project, John O’Doherty said: ‘While we are disappointed that the Court of Appeal has granted leave to petition the Supreme Court, we remain unwaveringly confident that the Supreme Court will uphold the decisions of the lower courts.

‘At no stage throughout this lengthy and costly process has Edwin Poots provided any evidence as to why same-sex and unmarried couples should be denied the opportunity to apply to be adopters. It is not the place of the courts to implement the personal prejudices of Ministers and by continuing this farce, Edwin Poots is simply denying children the right to be placed in loving and stable homes.’


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