Public Health Agency’s Seasonal Flu Programme 2011-2012

Public Health Agency’s Seasonal Flu Programme 2011-2012

The PHA’s 2011/12 seasonal flu programme launched to the public at the start of October and aims to raise awareness among those in ‘at risk’ groups of the importance of getting vaccinated early during the month of November before flu peaks.

 For those people in ‘at risk’ groups, flu can cause serious illness and result in a stay in hospital, or even death. Even if they currently feel fit and healthy, they may be at increased risk of flu and should receive the free vaccine. It is also important to note that the flu virus can differ every flu season, which is why a new jab is needed every year.

For extensive up to date information and details of those considered to be at risk please click here

For a copy of the leaflet “Protect Yourself – catch the vaccine not the flu” click here

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