The Rainbow Project are seeking Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Women, Gay and Bisexual Men and Trans Men and Women to perform outreach to the LGBT commercial scene, offering advice, support, information and sexual health support

The Rainbow Project would like to recruit a Volunteer Outreach Officers to undertake our Outreach programme. Coordinated by our Volunteer Outreach Coordinators the Volunteer Outreach programme is an evening and weekend opportunity providing information, advice and support directly to vulnerable Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender service users on the gay scene.

The responsibilities of the Volunteer Outreach Officers will be to provide safer sex packs to Gay and Bisexual Men, engage LGBT people in conversation and raise awareness of support services for LGBT people such as the Rainbow Project advocacy programme for victims of homophobia or transphobia.

This opportunity is excellent for social butterflies, keen to engage with LGBT people in a club environment on a range of issues while also enjoying the atmosphere, the craic and the music. Start off the night getting dressed up in TRP uniforms, listen to music and get psyched and ready to go out to Kremlin, El Divino, Fox’s Den, Bubu, Candy Crush, Men of the North and so on. You will be given extensive training and will undergo an interview process. All volunteers will receive 6 monthly one to ones and a plethora of opportunities to upskill on ASIST, Safe Talk, ACET and Drugs and Alcohol courses. So why not develop your CV with something a bit different once or twice a month on a Monday/Friday night!

To apply contact James Copeland on 028 90319030 or email

Aim of Post

To undertake the Rainbow Project outreach programme to Belfast’s LGB and T commercial scene to provide health and wellbeing information to the LGB and T community


  • To distribute safer sex packs to the LGB and T community
  • To raise awareness of STIs and HIV

Key Responsibilities

  • Deliver and distribute safer sex packs to the LGB and T commercial scene in Belfast in order to work to decrease levels of undiagnosed HIV and STIs within gay and bisexual men
  • Engage directly with service users to answer sexual health enquiries and provide information on Rainbow Project services such as rapid testing, advocacy, outreach clinics and support services

Essential Qualifications & Experience

–          A commitment to the ethos of The Rainbow Project and its services

–          Experience of working within a team setting

Desirable Qualifications & Experience

–          Experience of volunteering with LGB and T people

–          Experience in working with vulnerable people in a detached setting

Essential Competencies

–          Good written and verbal communication skills;

–          Excellent interpersonal skills;

–          Commitment to equality and social inclusion;

–          Commitment to confidentiality and impartiality.

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