The’ Health of ageing LGB&T people in Northern Ireland’ survey has been produced by The Rainbow Project in partnership with RQIA, the Public Health Agency, HereNI, Age NI, UNISON, and Independent Health & Social Care Providers NI.

The aim of this survey, targeted at LGB&/T people who are 40+ and living in Northern Ireland,  is to explore the lived experience of LGB&/T people relating to their care, their perceptions of care and how they would like to see services being provided in the future. This information will support the  development of guidelines for care providers to ensure they have the skills, knowledge and tools to meet the needs of older LGB&/T people in Northern Ireland.

The survey covers 7 areas –  demographics; health and disabilities; healthy behaviours; family, social and community networks; health professionals; caring and residential care; and home care services. It takes 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

If you would like to complete the survey (in complete confidence) click here

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