Today, The Rainbow Project, Northern Ireland’s largest support and advocacy organisation for lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender people responded to the DUP consultation on introducing a conscience clause to the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations (NI).

Speaking on their response, John O’Doherty, Director of The Rainbow Project said: ‘In our response we have expressed our disappointment with the way this proposed legislation and consultation have been conducted. We are concerned at the leading way in which consultation questions were asked, indicating bias on behalf of the DUP. We are disappointed that the DUP has offered no evidence for the claims made in its consultation document. We are also concerned that no Equality Impact Assessment has been conducted on proposed legislation which would have serious negative impacts on equality of opportunity for people with minority sexual orientations.

‘We have published our response and encourage others to the same and have their voices heard on this issue. We encourage individuals, organisations, business leaders and elected representatives to make it clear to the DUP that we will never go back to the days when homophobic attitudes justified discrimination.’


You can view The Rainbow Projects response to the consultation here

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