John, you are the strongest link

John, you are the strongest link

Our very own John O’Doherty, Director of The Rainbow Project, appeared on today’s broadcast of the BBC’s Weakest Link gameshow programme with Ann Robinson. Not only was he a great contestant, but he was an excellent representative for The Rainbow Project.

Despite being the weakest link for a number of rounds, he did bounce back to become the strongest link in two rounds, and eventually won the game, beating Shelley to the £2,920 prize fund in the final round (drinks are on him then!).

Well done to John for taking on the “Queen of Mean” and scooping the big prize.

To view the entire programme online, please check out the BBC iPlayer by clicking here.

John answers a series of questions to make it to the final.

“You are the strongest link…”

John reflects on being omnipresent :p

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