Interested in gaining more awareness of LGB&/T issues?

  • Did you know that between 6-10% of the population are lesbian, gay or bisexual? (UK Treasury Estimates).
  • Did you know that people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans# experience considerable sexual, physical and mental health inequalities?
  • Did you know that The Rainbow Project has 2 Full-time BACP counsellors with extensive experience working with LGB&/T clients?

The Rainbow Project is Northern Ireland’s largest LGB&/T Sector organisation and has been commissioned to deliver a number of  LGB&/T specific training events funded through PHA and Protect Life. Places are FREE toparticipants.

The topics covered in the training will include:

  • Understanding same-sex attraction and use of appropriate terminology
  • Understanding gender identity and expression and use of appropriate terminology
  • Key health inequalities experienced by people who are same-sex attracted
  • Forms of homophobia, heterosexism and internalised homophobia
  • Barriers to accessing mainstream statutory service provision
  • Legislative and social policy context
  • Common issues when counselling LGB&/T clients
  • Tips for improvement of practice

To express your interest for this training please go to

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