Ways you can mark International Day Against Homophobia

Ways you can mark International Day Against Homophobia

Get involved in raising awareness of International Day Against Homophobia by promoting the positive experiences of being LGB.

  1. Wear purple to symbolise spirit in the rainbow – remembering those who have lost their lives due to homophobia
  2. Post your favourite quotes/articles/poems/pictures by LGB and Queer artists/thinkers on your facebook page/twitter/blog
  3. Contact Rainbow or Unite Against Hate for stickers to wear to work/school/uni/gym or posters/postcards to put up.
  4. Take photos of you and your friends/ visiting local sites wearing our stickers/wearing purple and email them into harriet@rainbow-project.org who will upload them to facebook
  5. Complete our Enough cards either in person or online

Come down on Tuesday 17 May and find us – say hello – be interviewed for our vox pops!

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