The LGB&T advocacy service exists to support you if you are experiencing difficulties in terms of discrimination or violence.  Many lesbian and bisexual women live with difficulties and stress in the workplace, housing and accommodation issues, relationship abuse, homophobia and exclusion with very few places to turn to for support and information.

 The LGB&T advocacy worker Harriet Long will be based up in the LASI offices every Tuesday morning available to any lesbian or bisexual woman needing advice and/or practical support.  She can:

  • Support you in your disclosure and reporting of incidents
  • Advise you of your choice and control over what happens next
  • Accompany you in a supportive role should you wish to take things further with PSNI, NIHE etc
  • Provide information about support and services available to you and your family
  • Speak on your behalf to agencies and service providers
  • Raise awareness of issues you have faced/are facing to improve services in the future
  • Treat all matters with sensitivity and respect for your privacy

 If you want to contact Harriet to find out more or make an appointment you can leave a message at the LASI offices (90 249452) or email  Alternatively you can drop in one Tuesday morning from the 13th September, any time after 10am.

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