The Rainbow Project is piloting a series of short term Support group workshops for gay and bisexual men and men who are unsure of their sexual orientation.  Initially three workshop themes have been established to provide men from particularly conflicting backgrounds a safe therapeutic space to share their individual life stories and seek possible ways forward towards greater self-acceptance and wellbeing. 

  • Coming out to homophobic families and communities
    (August 2011…sorry no places available)
  • Reconciling faith and spirituality with same sex attraction.
    (September 2011.places still available!!)
  • Managing multiple minority identities.
    (October 2011…places still available!!)

The workshops take place over 2x3hour sessions during the course of a month in Belfast.  The first session is to invite people to share their stories while the second session focuses on possible ways forward for every individual present.  The groups are kept small (4-8 people) so that everyone is given time to speak.  All workshops are completely confidential and facilitated by a qualified counsellor.  A pre meeting is required with the counsellor to secure your place on any of the above.

The first support group workshop on Coming out to homophobic communities and families is to be completed next week and is for men who have or are currently finding it hard to come out for fear of rejection and homophobic recriminations in their family or community. The group may be repeated later in the year and relocated to the Western Health and Social Services Board area depending on demand.

The second workshop on faith and same sex attraction is aimed at men who have found that their religion or faith has been or still is at conflict with their feelings of same sex attraction and seek greater reconciliation between these two important aspects of their identity.  It will be jointly facilitated by Pádraig Ó Tuama of The Irish Peace Centres and the first session begins on Wednesday  14th September 2011. 

The third workshop on multiple minority identities is held in conjunction with the Gay Ethnic Group  and is aimed at those who have or still at times feel a heavier weight of discrimination and oppression by being part of LGBT community AS WELL as another minority identity whether that be ethnic, gender or physical ability, health status etc.  The first session will take place in October 2011 date to be confirmed.

For more information on any of these workshops please contact Dean Lee, Counsellor, The Rainbow Project on 028 9031 9030 or email

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