Below is a list of The Rainbow Projects leaflets, research and other materials.


Rainbow Project Leaflets & Flyers

Services Leaflet: Information about The Rainbow Project’s Services for gay & bisexual men
General Information Leaflet
Addressing whole identities or fragmenting lives: An introductory service provision and employer guide to multiple identities and discrimination in Northern Ireland
Advocacy Support Service
Counselling Leaflet
Domestic and Relationship Abuse: Information for Same-Sex Attracted People
Don’t Think… Know: HIV Information
Earn More Than Respect: The business case for fostering LGB equality in the workplace: The LGB Equality in Employment Project
The Education Equality Curriculum Guide: Supporting teachers in tackling homophobia in school
Gonorrhoea: Information and advice for gay and bisexual men
hepA hepB: An information leaflet for gay and bisexual men and men who have sex with men
HIV:Information, support and advice for gay and bisexual men
Homophobic Bullying: A Guide for Teachers
Mental Health and Wellbeing Services
Out in the West: A guide for Health Professionals to help meet the needs of LGB&/T People
PEP Post Exposure Prophylaxis: A guide to treatment
See me, hear me, know me: Guidlines to support the needs of older lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in nursing, residential and day care settings and those who live at home and receive domiciliary care
Sexual Health: A Guide For Young Gay and Bisexual Men
Sexual Orientation and Same-Sex Attraction: A Young Men’s Guide
Sexual Violence and Abuse: Information for Same-Sex Attracted People
Personal Development Group Flyer
Northern Ireland Directory of LGBT Organisations


2016 OUTstanding in your field: Exploring the needs of LGB&T people in rural Northern Ireland
2015 Through Our Eyes: The housing and homeless experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people in Northern Ireland, by The Rainbow Project and Council for the Homeless NI
2013 Through Our Minds: Exploring the emotional health and well being of lesbian,gay,bisexual and transgender people in Northern Ireland, by Malachai O’Hara
2012 Multiple Identity; Multiple Exclusions and Human Rights: The experiences of people with disabilities who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people living in Northern Ireland, by Disability Action and The Rainbow Project
2012 All Partied Out: Substance use in Northern Irelands Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community, by Eoin Rooney
2011 Making this Home my Home: Making nursing and residential care more inclusive for older lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender people, by AgeNI and The Rainbow Project
2011 Left Out Of The Equation: A report on the experiences of lesbian, gay and bisexual young people at school, by Gavin Boyd
2011 Through Our Eyes: Experiences of Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual People in the Workplace, by Matthew McDermott
2009 Through Our Eyes: Perceptions and Experiences of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People towards Homophobic Hate Crime and Policing in Northern Ireland, by John O’Doherty
2006 Out On Your Own: An Examination of the Mental Health of Young Same-Sex Attracted Men, by Helen McNamee


2010 Response to the ‘Programme for Cohesion, Sharing and Integration’ Consultation Document
2010 Inequalities in Health: A Strategy for the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust
2010 Joint Response to The Programme for Cohesion, Sharing and Integration on behalf of The Rainbow Project, Lesbian Advocacy Services Initiative, Women’s Aid Federation NI and Disability Action NI

Sexual Orientation Strategy

2014 Draft Sexual Orientation Strategy Discussion Paper 2014 

Annual Reports

2011-2012 Annual Report 2011 – 2012 
2010-2011 Annual Report 2010 – 2011 

Rainbow News – E Zine


March 2012

Rainbow News – E-Zine March 2012
November 2011 Rainbow News – E-Zine November 2011
August 2011 Rainbow News – E-Zine August 2011
June 2011 Rainbow News – E-Zine June 2011
May 2011 Rainbow News – E-Zine May 2011

Rainbow Magazine (formerly MSM)

#10 Rainbow Magazine – Issue 10
#9 MSM Magazine – Issue 9
#8 MSM Magazine – Issue 8
#7 MSM Magazine – Issue 7
#6 MSM Magazine – Issue 6
#5 MSM Magazine – Issue 5
#4 MSM Magazine – Issue 4
#3 MSM Magazine – Issue 3
#2 MSM Magazine – Issue 2
#1 MSM Magazine – Issue 1

Support for parents/families

2009 Family Ties: A guide for parents who have lesbian, gay or bisexual children.


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