The Rainbow Project employs a full time Education Equality Officer who’s role includes policy research and development, lobbying government and statutary bodies and providing models of good practice for schools and teachers.

Education is a vitally important part of every child’s progression to adulthood. It is where we spend a huge proportion of our time, it is where we learn about the society around us and our place in that society.

For too long now, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGB&T) young people have been isolated in the education system by schools refusing to recognise their identity or failing to discuss issues of the diversity of sexual orientation in a manner which both diminishes prejudice and allows LGB&T young people to feel that they are equal and valid members of the school community.

Homophobic bullying is endemic to schools in Northern Ireland. It is fuelled by schools failing to counter the prejudice which exists and failing to fulfil their legal obligations to safeguard and promote the welfare of all pupils. In partnership with Cara-Friend an Education Training Officer is employed to provide training (free of charge) to schools and establishments on homophobic bullying. The training can be tailored to identified specific needs, such as increasing teachers’ confidence and effectiveness in tackling homophobic bullying; implementing strategies to prevent it in the first place and consultancy on individual cases, such as how to support a young person when they come out at school.

To access our Education Service please contact Jemma Irwin, Education Equality Officer, on 02890319030 Email

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