The Education Equality Project is jointly organised between The Rainbow Project and Cara-Friend and exists to ensure that the rights of all young people to access their education in a supportive, welcoming and safe environment is not dependant on them conforming to a prescribed sexual orientation.

The priorities of the Education Equality Project are:

• To lobby the Department of Education, the Education and Library Boards and all other relevant statutory bodies to ensure that their policies and practices reflect the need to promote equality of opportunity for all young people, regardless of their sexual orientation.

• To provide training for teachers and other school staff on issues of sexual orientation and homophobic bullying and to help them build their capacity and confidence in dealing with homophobic incidents when they occur.

• To ensure that all schools have robust and effective anti-bullying policies that reflect the specific necessity of tackling homophobic bullying.

• To lobby for the extension to schools of the equality duties set down in section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act (1998)

• To ensure that all young people, regardless of their sexual orientation, are aware that they have the right to be educated in a respectful manner in an environment which protects their dignity and safety.

For more information please contact Jemma Irwin, Education Equality Officer, on 02890319030 Email

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