The LGBT Centre in Belfast is home to many organisations including, The Rainbow Project, Cara-Friend and HEReNI.  Our space is in dire need of an upgrade.  We moved to the new LGBT Centre one year ago, and since then, we have not been able to invest in better furniture and fittings for the spaces that our LGBT Community uses on a daily basis.  To allow it to be a space where anyone will feel comfortable to come and to be proud of.

Did you know that over 20 families use the space each month, to meet other families just like theirs?  300 young people come to the centre each month to access support services, take part in training and socialise with other LGBT people.  We are also home to other voluntary support services like Queer Space and Gender Essence.

Have a look at some of our spaces, see what you think.

Every year, we replace the sofas and due to limited financial resources, they are usually the least expensive options we can find.  You can see by the pictures, not only do these get into disrepair easily, but they are different heights with the legs getting broken off easily. This is due to the nature of our community space, we like to be able to move the furniture around depending on the event taking place.

We have three consultation rooms, which can be seen in the bottom three pictures, as you can see they are not totally fit for purpose, with varying degrees of furniture in each.  The first is an ideal counselling room, where there is a comfy sofa, here you can feel relaxed, safe and secure and able to be open and free about yourself.  Whereas picture three is also a counselling space which doesn't have the same relaxed and homely feel, in fact it looks quite uncomfortable.

Our outside roof has the potential to be a space for healing and feeling relaxed, but due to the weather and age of the outdoor seating, it is not particular nice to look at.  We want to create spaces where you feel at home, where you feel relaxed and at ease.  Spaces where you feel happy and spaces where you want to be.

Your LGBT Centre needs some TLC, it needs some loving attention, small repairs and paint jobs will make such a difference.  Please help us, donate today!