Transgender Day of Remembrance 2020

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Mental Health Week: Coming Out is Good for Your Health

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Lesbian Visibility Week: Wynonna Earp, Krashlyn and Loving Women

Rainbow Counsellor Ciara O'Neill writes about the impact of meaningful representation of lesbian women in media. Read more

Celebrating Transgender Day of Visbility

Our counsellor Nat Creighton talks about notable trans & non-binary icons and why visibility is important! Read more

Are you experiencing financial abuse?

As part of the #16daysofactionNI and our #hiddenfromview domestic abuse campaign. Our Advocacy officer Aisling looks at the issue of financial abuse. Read more

Hate Crime Awareness Week 2019

This week we mark Hate Crime Awareness Week, which is an annual campaign to raise awareness, encourage hate crime reporting, and inspire everyone in the community to work together to tackle hate crime. Read more


There is nothing unusual about right-wing political movements using LGBT+ people as scapegoats and Poland’s governing party, the Law and Justice Party, has pivoted from demonising migrants to demonising LGBT+ people by claiming that we undermine traditions (i.e. patriarchy) and ‘the family’ and children. Read more