I am asexual

Amanda Sparrow Large is a mother, activist, ordained minister, entertainer and asexual. She recounts her experience with having a sexual orientation that is as misunderstood as it is invisible.Read more

And Breathe…It’s Pride Season

I’ve been working as a Counsellor at the Rainbow Project for eight years now and the impending Pride season is in danger of being treated by me rather like some people treat their long term partners...loved but alas not shown much love.Read more

Stonewall and Me; My Journey to where the revolution began.

My visit to the Stonewall InnRead more

My Volunteering Experience

Former lead OUTreach volunteer Sinéad McCrudden talks about her experience with volunteering at The Rainbow Project.Read more

World AIDS Day Rapid Testing FAQ

Leo Lardie, Sexual Health Development Officer, answering some frequently asked questions and addressing some common concerns, in the hopes that you’ll #takethetestRead more

Hard Act To Follow

Gareth Johnston is the new Chair of the Trustees of The Rainbow Project.Read more

On Transgender Remembrance Day

Transwoman Laoise Fitzpatrick reflects on Transgender Remembrance Day, and reminds us that transphobia which can potentially end a transgender person's life is not just an issue abroad but here at home too.Read more

I used the power of my vote for a resounding YES - 17,105 km’s away from home!

Today I awoke to the momentous news that 62% of Australian’s had voted YES in favour of marriage equality! So many friends and loved one’s had sent messages making sure that even though I am not living in my home town of Melbourne anymore, I am still included in the elation and celebration (even if I am missing the party of the century!).Read more

We Exist (Bi+ Ireland)

Gavin Davis, Belfast coordinator of Bi+ Ireland, discussing what it's like for him being bisexual in Northern Ireland as part of Bi+ Ireland's "We Exist" series which aims to raise visibility of bisexuality in the Republic and Northern Ireland.Read more

Anti LGB&T Hate Crimes in Northern Ireland

This week is Hate Crime Awareness week, a time devoted to increasing the awareness of issues faced by targeted minorities within the UK; to think about those who are targeted and abused for being who they are or for aspects of their identity including their race, religion, disability, sexual orientation and/or gender identity.Read more


A story was published yesterday (11 October) detailing serious physical assaults against a 12 year old boy in a local school. It was reported in numerous outlets under the headline of kids being removed from school by father due to “BULLYING”.Read more

Being a Gay Woman - Labels and Stereotyping

Blog piece by Nuala Devenny on labels and stereotyping for gay women along with a link to Reclaim the Agenda with Kellie O'Dowd discussing Pride celebrations and the issues impacting on LGBT women.Read more