Same-Sex Family Project

Our Same Sex Family Project in conjunction with HEReNI is a social and support service for same sex parents and their children. Our families come together In Belfast, Foyle and Newry for social gatherings, day trips as well as providing training on the likes of First Aid. The Same Sex Family Project provides LGBT parents with the opportunity of socialising and learning with other same sex families. Read more

Family Ties

The Family Ties Project is a support service for the families of LGBT people. We provide monthly meetings for parents and other family members to come together, to chat with other families in similar situations and to share experiences of when a loved one comes out, we also offer one to one support, help and guidance. Read more

Gay and Bi Dads

The Gay Bi Dads aims to provide gay and bisexual men, who may be married, or who are still not out with a safe and confidential space to meet with other men in similar situations. Our group provides support and advice on coming out; managing family life as a gay or bisexual man as well as providing an opportunity for you to talk openly and safely about being either a gay or bisexual man. Read more