Regional LGBT Groups

Peer and social support groups for LGBT people throughout regional areas of Northern Ireland Read more


The aim of the Befriending service is a volunteer-led service and the aim of the service is to reduce LGBT individual’s social isolation. Read more

Feeling Suicidal

Lifeline is a 24-hour counselling service for people of any age in Northern Ireland who is in distress or despair. Calls are answered by qualified counsellors who will listen, offer support and advice, but not judge. Read more

Self harm

Self harm is when someone deliberately injures themselves. They may cut themselves to draw blood, take too many tablets or bang their head against a wall. Read more

Personal development

The Rainbow Project offers free Personal Development Programmes that supports LGBT people in building their resilience in a safe and affirmative environment. Read more

Internalised Homophobia

As we grow up we are taught the values of our society. In our homophobic, heterosexist, discriminatory culture, we may learn negative ideas about homosexuality and same-sex attraction. Read more