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Dear Consul General Pawel Majewski and Ambassador Arkady Rzegocki

We, the undersigned, write to express our outrage at the rising anti-LGBT sentiment in Poland, stoked by the Government and manifested in the attack on LGBT+ people in Bialystok on 20th July.

We hope that you share our disgust in the oppressive violence visited upon the bodies of LGBT+ people for daring to be visible in their own country; where they should be treated with dignity and respect by their government.

The European values of democracy, human rights and the rule of law cannot flourish in Poland while its government seeks to scapegoat and demonise LGBT+ people.

We call on you to account for this treatment of LGBT+ people in Poland, to condemn all forms of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia and to explain what steps the Polish government will take to ensure that every person in Poland will be afforded equal treatment under the law and how it will prevent anti-LGBT violence within the Republic.

Yours sincerely,