Trans Swimming Appeal

“When I was younger and home alone I sometimes put on a swimsuit during a shower since I probably would never get to wear it to swim… Thanks @TRPNI for changing that tonight!”

If you’ve been hoping for a swimming service that’s only for trans, non-binary, and/or intersex people of all ages: Well, here it is! But, we need your help to keep this service AFLOAT! 

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The Rainbow Project has been running Trans Only Swimming sessions to eliminate some of the fears and barriers trans, non-binary and intersex people face going swimming. We’ve been booking out the entire swimming pool and changing rooms to ensure the privacy and comfort of all our participants. This allows participants to wear what they comfortable in, around people that have the same insecurities as them, without fear of staring or harassment.

The feedback has been phenomenal!

“This is like a dream come true for me”

“This is a very special time for me, I’ve not been swimming in a long time – indeed since 1998!”

“The fearmongering regarding transgender people in the media has left me reclusive and afraid for my safety. I just want to have a normal life, and that includes being able to go for a swim. I love trans swimming because I can swim again in a safe space free of judgement, staring and bigotry.”

“Since I transitioned I have been unable to go swimming, in trunks it’s obvious that I’m trans and that puts me at risk of being stared at at best, or violence at worst. Trans swimming gives me a safe, welcoming, non-judgemental space to enjoy a healthy activity that so many take for granted.”

It costs £300 to be able to provide each swimming session, where trans, non-binary, intersex people can enjoy some exercise, a fun activity that many take for granted.

Please help us to keep this service available, click here to donate today.

However, this service is entirely unfunded, and without your support we won’t be able to keep running it. Please donate to help us keep changing the lives of those who needs this service. For even for a few pounds you get the satisfaction of knowing what a massive difference you’re making to someone’s physical and mental health of trans people.

If you’re interested in attending email for more information or to book your spot!

£1,160 of £3,600 raised

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