Rapid HIV and Syphilis Testing

The Rainbow Project provides free Rapid HIV Testing and Syphilis Testing across Northern Ireland. These are primarily based in Belfast LGBT Centre, and our Foyle LGBT centre. Rapid HIV and Syphilis testing is a 30-40 minute consultation with a trained member of staff from The Rainbow Project where you will take a finger prick blood test which checks for the antibodies of HIV and traces of the Syphilis Bacteria. You receive your results there and then. Tests have a 99.6% accuracy rate from 12 weeks after the concerning incident or encounter. Though testing within 12 weeks of an encounter you are worried about is fine you must come for a second test post 12 weeks to rule out an infection preventing.

Rapid Testing is done privately, confidentially and with ease.

Contact Leo on 079 04 864 861 or at [email protected] to book a test.