Thank you for completing our online rapid HIV & Syphilis test booking form. One of our staff members will be in contact as soon as possible to arrange your test. 

Please remember that:

  • You can access PEP up to 72 hours after unprotected anal or vaginal sex at any A&E in Northern Ireland for free to greatly reduce your risk of contracting HIV

  • Our rapid HIV & syphilis tests cannot detect HIV or Syphilis if it has been contracted within the last 12 weeks. If your concern about your sexual health comes from an encounter in the last twelve weeks you may have to wait to get an accurate test.

  • Our rapid HIV & Syphilis testing service is primarily for Men who have Sex with Men, gay & bisexual men and transgender/non-binary individuals. If you are a cisgender and heterosexual man or a cisgender woman we may only test you if you're at high risk for HIV & syphilis or in high distress - if we cannot provide you with at test we will signpost you to a service that can.