The Rainbow Project works closely with other providers to provide full sexual health screening in Satellite Clinics. These clinics are staffed by the Sexual Health Development Officer, Leo Lardie, and clinical staff from the provider in question.

All tests are undertaken by a trained GUM Consultant, Doctor or Nurse. Confidentiality at these clinics is important. Should you decide to test at these or any other GUM clinic the fact that you attended and/or were diagnosed with an infection will never be recorded on your general medical records. Your confidentiality in accessing a GUM or Sexual Health service is protected under the Venereal Diseases Act of 1926.

At these clinics you will:

  • Have a full sexual history taken
  • Have a chance to ask any questions related to sexual health with a trained professional
  • Have your Hepatitis A and B Vaccinations if you have not already had them or a booster should you need one
  • Have a full blood sample taken intravenously from the crux of the arm
  • Give a urine sample (you are asked not to urinate for at least 2 hours previous to testing)
  • Have an oral swab taken (if you have indicated having oral sex)
  • Give a self rectal swab sample (you will go to the toilet to do this if you have indicated being the receptive partner of anal sex)
  • A full sexual health screen which covers:
    • HIV
    • Syphilis
    • Gonorrhoea
    • Chlamydia (including LGV)
    • Hepatitis A/B/C

Dates, times and venues of Outreach clinics 2017-2018 

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December Clinics

Tuesday 4th 

Rapid HIV & Syphilis testing clinic

B'fast LGBT Centre


Monday 11th 

Rapid HIV & Syphilis testing clinic

Ballymena Braid Valley Hospital


Tuesday 12th

Full sexual health testing clinic

B'fast LGBT Centre


Wednesday 13th

Full sexual health testing clinic

Ballymena Braid Valley Hospital


Clinic Locations

Foyle Office
20 Strand Road
Orlan House
BT48 7AB
1 – 5 Donegal Lane, Belfast BT1 2LZ
23-31 Waring Street

Ballymena Braid Valley hospital