The RSE program is an age appropriate, 12-24, series of sessions provided by The Rainbow Project in conjunction with Nexus and Relate and funded by the Public Health Agency.  The focus of the project includes healthy and unhealthy relationships, consent, contraception and sexual health. The program consists of three two hour sessions over a number of weeks but is flexible to the needs of the participants and their community groups! 

The first session focuses on providing the skills a young person will need to navigate both healthy and un healthy relationships, development, both physical and emotional as well as safety and all aspects of consent.

The second session focuses more on confidence building, accessing the support services available to young people, and contraception. The third session has a focus on S.T.I.s, testing online safety and the law.

Each session can be tailored to incorporate the specific learning needs of the group, or any prevailing issues important to the young people, and are broken up by activates promoting inclusion and fun.    


The RSE program can be booked through Ren McGuicken at The Rainbow Project

[email protected]