Rainbow Laces

Sport is everyone’s game.

Please show your support for LGBT fans and players on and off the pitch. If you hear anti-LGBT language, please challenge it. Help to work to make every part of sport welcoming of LGBT people.

Our Rainbow Laces are a visible way for you to show your support in making sport inclusive for all people regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.  They cost just £2.99 a pair and if your whole team wants to support the campaign, we can make that happen.  Get in touch with us today, [email protected]

Equality is KNOT a joke.  TIE in with us, take a walk in our shoes.  Equality is not one size fits all, but our laces are. Show your support for Equality with your very own Rainbow Laces.  Help us to promote LGB&/T support.

Each lace measures 130cm - which will fit most shoes.

Get yours now, just in time for pride season across the world.