Equalitee.co.uk was created in 2016 as a Social Enterprise, part funded by the Big Lottery Fund, to increase the sustainability and protect the future of The Rainbow Project and it’s services across Northern Ireland.   We work and engage directly with the Young People in Foyle to ensure they have a say in how the project runs and they can participate in areas that will enable them to increase their skill set.

EqualiTee is service user led, and our volunteers are the life source of what we do.  The designs on t-shirts and other products available have been designed for us, by staff, volunteers, local artists and most importantly the people at the centre of our organisation, those who use our services.

Any and all profits that come from EqualiTee are put straight back in to the services The Rainbow Project provide; Counselling, Sexual Health care, Advocacy, Mental Health support, helping to deal with isolation the rural LGB&/T Community copes with.

We want to ensure the future of The Rainbow Project, so that we can ensure the future for all LGB&/T citizens and that support is available when it is needed.

Look Smart; make a statement; support a good cause.

Rainbow Laces


Equality is KNOT a joke. TIE in with us, take a walk in our shoes. Equality is not one size fits all, but our laces are. Show your support for Equality with your very own Rainbow Laces. Help us to promote LGB&/T support. Read more

Rainbow Sheep


I am one of three rainbow sheep in my family, what about you. Playful and proud. Read more

Flaming Pansexual


A fun shirt, that will only have meaning to those who know what it means, do you know what I mean? :) Read more

Helping Hands


Our helping hands TShirt, is about looking out for each other and lifting each other up, when we feel we can't do it ourselves. Read more

Northern Ireland


We call this Northern Ireland, we could call it home, featuring Belfast, Derry~Londonderry, Giants Causeway and Harland and Wolff, we like to think this shirt represents the LGBT Community in Northern Ireland. Read more

World Aids Day Ribbons / Steps to Zero Campaign Ribbon


Our red ribbons have a special meaning, they are here to raise awareness of HIV and Aids, and also of our Steps to Zero campaign Read more

PrideBall in Black or Grey


Gaining inspiration from the popular pokemon, or PrideBall is funky, relevant and retro all at the same time. Read more



Our PacPeople TShirt is fun and modern, it is a little bit different! :) We love how they are all staring at each other. Read more

Gender Binary in Black or White


Available in black and white, our Gender Binary shirt makes and impact and definitely speaks for itself Read more

Alphabet Soup


Acronym's galore with our Alphabet Soup shirt, there is a letter/acronym for just about everyone. Read more