Staff Profiles

The Rainbow Project’s staff team are responsible for the operational delivery of the  services and advocacy work. Our dedicated team work hard to meet the needs of LGBTQIA+ people and their families in Northern Ireland. 

Leadership Team

Scott Cuthbertson (He/Him): Director

I took over the leadership of the Rainbow Project in June 2023 joining from the Equality Network, a Scottish LGBTQ+ charity, where I was the Development Manager. My background is in community and international development. 

In Scotland, as well as leading on development work, I was involved in campaigning for many of the laws that progressed LGBTQ+ equality from Equal Marriage; hate crime laws; adoption rights; and historic pardons. I also campaigned on the issues of LGBTQ+ inclusion in sport, and improving rural & island LGBTQ+ visibility.  Internationally, I was a member of the management committee for the Commonwealth Equality Network (TCEN) which works to progress LGBTQ+ rights in the Commonwealth, as well as chairing the UK Alliance for Global Equality (UKAGE). 

In my spare time I like to travel (over 60 countries to date); swim; and watch sci-fi shows. 

Nuala Devenny (She/Her) : Deputy Director

My name is Nuala and I am the Deputy Director with the Rainbow Project. I am responsible for leading the counselling and services team which has a wide variety of services, such as; sexual health, Family Support, Rural Support, LGBTQIA+ Peer & Social Support Groups, delivery of Workshops and Personal Development Programmes. I also co-ordinate the Smoking Cessation Service.

I have a background in Youth Work and Community Development. I live in rural County Down with my Wife, our dog Reilly and our three cats Lala, O’Toodles and Koda. In my spare time I like to watch football and other sports and I love reading and socialising with my family and friends. 

Dean Lee (He/They) Co-Cultural Counselling Manager

Counselling Team

Ciara O'Neill (She/Her): Co -Cultural Counsellor

Hi there, my name is Ciara and I am proud to say the first female staff counsellor on the Rainbow team. I am a fully qualified counsellor and member of the BACP. I am presently working towards completing my Post Grad in Gender and Sexual Diversity Training alongside Pink Therapy.  My background includes growing up in a rural environment and coming out as gay and at one stage literally being the only gay in the village. I am grateful to have a lot of experiences working with different organisations and charities including a counselling organisation set up in Mid Ulster (MACP) and Cruse (working with adults and young people). As well as working with the Rainbow Project I also work as a Childline counsellor working with young people and I also work for Lifeline working with clients who are presenting in distress with thoughts of suicide and self-harm.

i thoroughly enjoy my work here at the Rainbow Project and working with clients to empower them to live their lives in how they want to. As well as working face to face counselling clients I also help out with the professional development groups as well which I really enjoy and would strongly recommend them.

Preston Geddis (He/They) : Co-Cultural Counsellor

Hi there, I’m Preston. I am a MBACP a member and currently working towards accreditation. In the past, I have been an active volunteer with The Rainbow Project’s Sexual Health and wellbeing team. I have over 25years of supporting/caring for vulnerable adults (and early years) I identify as queer/Gay (He/They).

I am also a Complementary therapist and practitioner as well as a teacher of Hatha yoga and meditation. My counselling  model is psychodynamic and person-centred approaches and I aim to provide a genuine and warm space for people to explore themselves freely and safely.”

Simon Carmichael (They/Them): Family and Young Person Counsellor

I am qualified counsellor and registered member of the BACP and working towards my accreditation. Having previously worked with adults and young people in a local community counselling agency, I particularly value working with young trans and non-binary people. I remember how difficult it was finding my place in the world when the language for people like me didn’t exist, and want to use my clinical and personal experience to enable young trans and non-binary people access therapy without needing to educate their therapist while still trying to figure themselves out. Outside of therapy I am an Officer in a local Trade Union Branch, and an insufferable nerd.

Paul Campbell (He/Him): Co-Cultural Counsellor

My name is Paul and I am a qualified counsellor registered with NCS and a long time volunteer with The Rainbow Project. I am very excited be joining the team in Foyle as the Rainbow Youth Counsellor. I’m hoping to draw on my experiences working in student services, counselling in an agency promoting mens health and well-being and counselling/group facilitator for MIND the mental health charity.

Elaine McIvor (She/Her): Co-Cultural Counsellor

I have been volunteering as a Counsellor for The Rainbow Project for a year and now work as a Sessional Counsellor for the charity. I have worked in other agency settings including a suicide prevention agency and self harm agency. I am a registered member of BACP and have my own private Holistic Counselling practice. As a young child I could often be heard saying that I wanted to save the world but didn’t really know where to start. My lifes journey has enriched me with experiences that have allowed me to empathise with clients and to allow them to be their authentic selves. I may not save the world but I can serve the world to lead a life that helps. I welcome you warmly to The Rainbow Project.


Health and Wellbeing Team

Eimear Willis (She/Her) – Western Health and Wellbeing Officer 

Hi, my name is Eimear and I am the Western Health and Wellbeing Officer for The Rainbow Project. I am based in the Foyle LGBT Centre and manage our adult support services in the North West. We provide peer support groups, social spaces, counselling, workshops & programmes as well as organising events throughout the year. We also assist with Housing, Hate Crime and Benefits as well as any concerns in the workplace or college/university. I provide Rapid HIV & Syphilis testing from our Derry office, and can offer free HPV Self-Sampling packs.

When I’m not in work I’m likely in my van somewhere with my partner, our dogs and our friends or hanging out with the circus.

Leo Lardie (He/Him) – Sexual Health Development Officer 

I’m Leo, our sexual health development officer. I’m responsible for providing rapid HIV & syphilis testing at our Belfast & Foyle centres for trans and non-binary individuals or men who are gay, bisexual or have sex with other men. But I can provide rapid testing for anyone regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity if they’re at risk of HIV or they’re in distress about their HIV status. I am here to help you with friendly, non-judgemental and confidential advice or support regarding any sexual health matter whether that’s PEP, PrEP, safer sex materials, testing or STIs. I proudly run ‘BeU’ our online meet-ups for trans, non-binary and intersex people who are aged eighteen and over.

Amanda McGurk (She/Her/Hers) – LGBTQIA Mental Health Advocate

My name is Amanda, I am a mental Health advocate in a joint project between The Rainbow Project and HERe NI, funded by the department for health and the community foundation. My main role is to promote good mental health and well-being, this is achieved by offering a range of supports to clients such as listening ear, client-focused care plans, various workshops, information campaigns social activities and support parents of LGBTQIA+ young people access peer support. I work with a number of colleagues to ensure that clients get a wraparound service tailored to their individual needs.

Amie Martin (They/Them) – LGBTQIA Mental Health Advocate

Hi, I’m Amie. I am an LGBTQIA+ Health Advocate in partnership with The Rainbow Project and Here NI. It’s my job to Promote mental and emotional health and well-being for LGBTQIA+ people across Northern Ireland, providing a wraparound service for clients and families. From offering one-to-one support and developing care plans to meet individualised needs to advocation and support. I want to provide the best and most positive outcome for our service users. When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my Partner and Our Cat, Sage. I also like to watch movies, hang with friends and love singing and performing with my theatre group.

Sinead McGarry (She/Her)- Regional Health and Wellbeing Officer

Hi, my name is Sinead and I am a Regional Health and Wellbeing Officer.  I host rural outreach groups in the North Coast & North Antrim.  My role is to support the LGBTQIA+ communities in these areas, provide peer support, provide sexual health testing, and provide LGBTQIA training. I have a background in Biomedical Sciences, Music and the Arts

Outside of my role I’m also an activities coordinator for the elderly, a mum of two, and a dog lover.   I’m also a professional lyricist & songwriter and WILL chat nonstop about music and dogs. Being a North Coaster a lot of my spare time involves beach walks & coffee shops, I’m also regularly seen in creative writing workshops, song writing camps  and music technology classes.

James McGoldrick (He/They) -Regional Health and Wellbeing Officer

Hi, I’m James and I am both a Western and Regional Health and Wellbeing Officer for The Rainbow Project. Within the Western post I am based in our Foyle Centre supporting our adult services in the North West, these include various social and peer support groups, activities, events, programmes, training and more.

Within the Regional Health and Wellbeing post I work across the areas of Strabane, Omagh and Enniskillen in which we have regional LGBTQIA+ peer social groups known as ‘Queers Outside the City’, these groups meet regularly and allow a safe, comfortable and private space for LGBTQIA+ people to meet others in their community, socialize, share their interests and learn new things.

Outside of work, I’m usually spending time reading, watching tv/films, playing card and board games or chilling with my dog and cat and always learning new things.

Ren McGuickan (He/Him) – Regional Health and Wellbeing Officer

Hi, I’m Ren and I work for The Rainbow Project as a Regional Health and Wellbeing Officer. My job includes facilitating LGBTQIA+ peer and social support meetups in rural areas for adults aged 18+ throughout Northern Ireland. For more information about our groups or to get involved check out or email Through our groups you’ll get to meet lots of other LGBTQIA+ people, get involved in a fun and vibrant community, and be invited to take part in workshops, social outings, and lots of Rainbow Project events.

Advocacy Team

Jake Ferris (He/Him)-  LGBTQIA Advocacy Co-Ordinator

Hi, I’m Jake Ferris I am the Hate Crime Advocacy Officer which functions in partnership with the Department of Justice; Police Service of Northern Ireland and Victim Support Northern Ireland. My role is to support victims of homophobic and/or transphobic hate crime. If you need help reporting a hate crime, or would like to access the Rainbow Project Services you can contact me on 07904864957

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