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DUP sending out mixed messages on Conversion Therapy

The Rainbow Project, the organisation supporting the health and wellbeing of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender people and their families in Northern Ireland, has reacted to a recent letter issued by Mr Sammy Wilson MP to constituents who have contacted him around the current campaign to ban conversion therapy here in the UK.

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Rainbow Project Commemorates Holocaust Memorial Day

January 27th marks Holocaust Memorial Day in the UK. The systematic destruction of those deemed ‘undesirable’ by the Nazis and their allies across Europe was a catastrophic waste of life and was carried out in some of the most inhumane, brutal and unforgivable ways imaginable.

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Rainbow Project Welcomes Pardons for Abolished Gay Sex Offences

The Rainbow Project has welcomed the announcement by Justice Minister Claire Sugden that the pardon of abolished gay sex offences in England and Wales will also be extended to Northern Ireland under a Legislative Consent Motion. The pardons will be included in the Policing and Crime Bill that is currently being considered in Westminster and will only apply to men convicted of consensual gay sex who were over the age of 16.

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The Rainbow Project welcomes court of appeal ruling

Today, The Rainbow Project, Northern Irelandís largest support organisation for lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender people welcomed a Court of Appeal judgement confirming that Ashers Baking company had acted unlawfully by refusing to fulfill their contractual agreement to make a cake with a slogan supporting marriage equality.

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