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Hate Crime Awareness Week 2019

This week we mark Hate Crime Awareness Week, which is an annual campaign to raise awareness, encourage hate crime reporting, and inspire everyone in the community to work together to tackle hate crime.

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There is nothing unusual about right-wing political movements using LGBT+ people as scapegoats and Polandís governing party, the Law and Justice Party, has pivoted from demonising migrants to demonising LGBT+ people by claiming that we undermine traditions (i.e. patriarchy) and ëthe familyí and children.

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Living with HIV

One of our sexual health volunteers discusses his experience living with HIV and highlights how we’re failing not only to support people who are living with HIV & AIDS but failing to prevent further new diagnoses by burying our heads in the sand!

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I am asexual

Amanda Sparrow Large is a mother, activist, ordained minister, entertainer and asexual. She recounts her experience with having a sexual orientation that is as misunderstood as it is invisible.

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And Breathe…It’s Pride Season

Iíve been working as a Counsellor at the Rainbow Project for eight years now and the impending Pride season is in danger of being treated by me rather like some people treat their long term partners…loved but alas not shown much love.

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On Transgender Remembrance Day

Transwoman Laoise Fitzpatrick reflects on Transgender Remembrance Day, and reminds us that transphobia which can potentially end a transgender person’s life is not just an issue abroad but here at home too.

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