Sexual Health

Sexual Health is a huge issue for Gay and Bisexual Men (sometimes called MSM or Men who have Sex with Men). Sexual Health is important to any and all individuals. Looking after your sexual health is just as important as looking after your own mental or physical health. This section explores key questions many MSM ask about their sexual health. It also contains an agony aunt section. Should you have any queries and don’t wish to have them answered over the phone message them to us here.

What you need to know about monkeypox: the symptoms, how it’s transmitted, vaccines, testing and how to have safer sex.

PrEP is medication you can take regularly to eliminate your risk of contracting HIV. Learn everything you’d need to know about PrEP here!

PrEP is now available on the NHS at all GUM clinics across Northern Ireland if you are eligible. Learn whether or not you’re eligible to access PrEP for free and how to book your PrEP assessment.

The Rainbow Project provides free Rapid HIV and Syphilis Testing across Northern Ireland. These are primarily based in Belfast LGBT Centre, and our Foyle LGBT centre.

The Rainbow Project is funded to provide LGBT individuals with access to free Safer Sex Packs in Northern Ireland. You can receive a pack by simply filling out the form attached below and you will receive your pack within 2 weeks.

Sexual health testing has never been more accessible – depending on your needs you can now get tested at The Rainbow Project, at home or at your local GUM clinic. Below we have provided more details on the different options to support you in accessing the testing that is right for you.

Consent isn’t just mandatory, it’s sexy! Learn about what consent is, how to ask for consent and some situations where you can’t get consent.

Balanitis, Cystitis, Non-Specific Urethritis, Proctitis (part of a group infections called NSGI’s or Non-Specific Genital Infections) and Thrush are all common infections which are caused by an inflammation of the lining of certain parts of your body.

Sexually Transmitted Infections have been around for centuries. Some people like to decry them as a modern problem. The reality is that we are aware of infections, such as Syphilis, existing as early as the middle ages.


Undetectable = Untransmittable. Learn about how you cannot contract HIV from someone who has is HIV Positive with an undetectable status.

The STEPS to ZERO campaign aims in the next 10 years to reduce the number of new HIV diagnoses to zero.

On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions about HIV. If you would like to speak to one of our staff about HIV or any other sexual health issue please contact us through our website, telephone or social media. The Rainbow Project also provides free confidential rapid HIV and Syphilis testing available through contacting our office on 028 9031 9030.