Whether you’re someone who’s questioning and figuring out their identity, just came out as trans, or have been out for a while and are looking for a bit of information and support, you’ll hopefully find something here that helps you along your way.

You have taken the first Steps – So, you’ve realised you’re Trans or you are supporting someone who is Trans or Non-Binary.

What’s next? Whatever you want to come next!

Many people who have just started their journey try out different names and pronouns to figure out what fits best and makes them feel the most comfortable. Changing wardrobes and experimenting with different kinds of styles can also aid you along the way, both for helping you feel comfortable and for figuring out how you wish to present yourself to the world.

As with every other big life change, it’s important to take your time and figure out what feels good and what makes you feel comfortable and affirmed in your identity. There’s no rush to set a new name or pronouns in stone – for many trans people, these things can fluctuate even later in transition! What’s important is exploring what your gender means to you, and figuring out what kind of support would help with tha

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