Why we value volunteers

The Rainbow Project couldn’t carry out its work without the help of our amazing team of volunteers. We have a strong volunteering ethos and seek to create opportunities for people to contribute to our overall organisational aims and objectives.  From our safer sex pack assistants to our befrienders to our volunteer Board of Trustees, our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation and we strive to ensure we provide recognition and support along their volunteering journey.

Why should I get involved?

Our volunteers come from all walks of life and are driven by a range of motivations for why they volunteer. From an opportunity to meet new people, to help continue to help the fight for equality for LGBT people in Northern Ireland to those who are hoping to sharpen their CV- volunteering is a two way relationship. We seek to remove all barriers to volunteering and also endeavour to ensure our volunteers get as much out of the relationship as we do!  We also seek to up-skill our volunteers in working with others or providing services for those in need.  Most volunteers receive mandatory training ranging from Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Awareness to safeTALK training and more.

What roles can I do?

Sexual Health Team 

Sexual Health Clinical Assistant, Belfast – Not Recruiting

We’re looking for someone to work closely with our Sexual Health Development Officer to help manage our incredibly popular and often busy drop-in rapid and full sexual health clinics at Pipeworks, Outside and our Belfast centre. We need someone to help carry light equipment to ( e.g. hazardous waste bin or pop-up banner) sign clients in, collect their completed forms, escort clients to testing rooms (it’s actually quite easy to get lost particularly in low-lit almost labyrinth like saunas) and answer general questions from clients (e.g. “How long will I have to wait?” or “What STIs are screened at this clinic?”).  We need somoene who can regularly attend clinics on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month 17.30-20.00. It’s a great opportunity to build customer service and adminstrative skills whilst gaining experience in sexual health. Due to the fact that these clinics happen at saunas exclusively for male clientele we’ll need whoever applies to identify as male. No experience necessary! Please fill out an application form and return to Leo E: [email protected]

Volunteer Role Description – Belfast – Sexual Health Assistant

Sexual Health Assistant-Application-Form

Sexual Health Admin Assistant, Belfast – Currently recruiting

A Sexual Health Admin Assistant helps input data collected from testing onto surverymonkey, contacts clients via text or e-mail about testing, readies requested safer sex materials for posting and generally just helps out the Sexual Health Development Officer! Please fill out an application form and return to Leo E: [email protected]

Role Description – Belfast – Sexual Health Admin Assistant

Sexual Health Admin Assistant-Application-Form

Safer Sex Pack Assistant, Belfast- Currently recruiting

  • Our Safer Sex Pack Assistants are affectionately known as our ‘condom packers’! They work hard to maintain the work that The Rainbow Project undertakes at bars and clubs and come together on Wednesday nights to put together our safer sex packs. Volunteers have the opportunity, to meet, listen to music, have fun and help us put together packs to be used by service users. This is a social opportunity and perfect if you’re short on time and want a flexible opportunity with no long term commitment.
    Role Description – Belfast Safer Sex Pack Assistant
    Safer Sex Pack Assistants Application Form
  • OUTreach Team – Currently recruiting
    The Rainbow Project has a heavy presence on the LGBT commercial scene in Belfast. Our OUTreach team is a group of highly dedicated volunteers whose role it is to provide information and advice to people in bars and clubs on sexual health, advocacy, hate crime, counselling and other TRP services.
    We are currently recruiting and if you are interested in either roles please complete an application form and return to Leo E: [email protected]

Role Description – Belfast OUTreach Officers
Role Description – Belfast OUTreach Supervisors
OUTreach Application Form

Campaigning and Events

Love Equality Ambassadors Currently recruiting

  • Are you enthusiastic, passionate about equality and love getting stuck in? Join us and become a Love Equality Ambassador for The Rainbow Project, helping us to campaign to bring marriage equality to Northern Ireland. With the Pride festivities coming up in Belfast, Foyle and Newry we need as many hands as we can to raise awareness of the Love Equality campaign!

Role Description – Love Equality Ambassador
Love Equality Application Form

Fundraising and Events – CURRENTLY RECRUITING

Are you enthusiastic, reliable and passionate about improving the lives of LGBT people in Northern Ireland? The Rainbow Project is currently seeking to develop community fundraising activities to help us sustain our work in Northern Ireland to provide support to LGBT people and their families, and we need your help to raise awareness of our cause and also assist with the various events that take place throughout the year? Email: [email protected] for more information.

Peer and Social Support 

  • Befriending
    The Befriending team offers expert training to volunteers who work with vulnerable service users who need support around social isolation and/or coming out. Volunteers are paired with service users with a similar gender, orientation and age and help engage service users by bringing them into mainstream LGBT and wellbeing services.
    The Befriending team is currently recruiting  if you are interested in the role please complete an application form and return to Nuala E: [email protected]

Role Description – Volunteer Befriender
Volunteer Befriender Application Form

Foyle Volunteer Drop In Host

Application can be found here Foyle Volunteer Drop In Host

  • Peer and Social Support Group Facilitators Currently recruiting
    Peer and Social Support Group facilitators provide a vital affinity that service users accessing Rainbow Project groups and services need. The Rainbow Project has a variety of groups which are led by volunteers who have come through them such as: Gay and Bisexual Dads, Family Ties, Women’s and Men’s Nights, Gay Ethnic Group and the Addiction Support Group.

Our Foyle office is currently recruiting Foyle Drop In Host, Transderry Volunteer and Foyle Men’s Support Group Facilitator. Please see the role descriptions below:

Role Description – Foyle Drop In Host
Role Description – Foyle Men’s Support Group Facilitator
Foyle Application Form
VOL Transderry PD final 2017

Administration Team

The Rainbow Project relies on a diverse mix of volunteers to maintain and develop our office environment. Our administrators maintain our data systems, surveying and policy work as well as helping develop staff projects and maintaining our building to ensure that it is comfortable and inviting for vulnerable service users.

  • Counselling Administrative Assistant, Belfast
    Are you well organised, with good IT skills? Our Belfast based counselling team are seeking a reliable Administrative Assistant to help with data input and to provide administrative support to the Counsellors to facilitate the planning, delivery and monitoring of the Counselling service.

Role Description – Belfast Counselling Admin
Counselling Admin Application Form

Want to find out more?

Each Rainbow Project office has a staff member who undertakes the coordination of volunteers in their department. You can contact them if you want anymore information about volunteering with The Rainbow Project. These currently are: