Belfast city Marathon relay

I am fundraising for the rainbow project as I am one of the lead volunteers in outreach and i have been part of the charity for nearly 3 years. Last year I took part in the dance and I love running more than dancing but yet I had an amazing 2 months training for the dance the project has helped me through the last near 4 years and I owe the workers alot for the confidence I have nowadays for just being me and not being afraid to say who and what I am! They have helped me through alot of things and I have made so many amazing friendships throughout going to courses and being a volunteer is so rewarding and has given me alot of new skills and experience. The charity is based on helping lgbt people in NI and they focus on wellbeing and health in all aspects, they all do amazing work and run the centre brilliantly! I can’t fault the rainbow project and I will continue taking part in their events, fundraising and volunteering for as long as I can! We can all change the things wee need to with just a little help from out friends. Change is constant and we all need to help one another to make it happen, from marriage equality to equality and justice for all the thing’s that have broken our hearts and shaken communities throughout northern Ireland and in fact all over the world. We can make change in one way! To stick together and all work as a team as we do at The Rainbow Project! Give me a small donation for my run at the marathon on Sunday! What ever you can afford! Whether its 50p or £1 it’s up to you how big it small you would like to donate. Thank you C

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