Chem Sex - Dosing

Use of any illegal substance can have significant negative impacts on your health but if you are going to choose to use illegal substances then these steps may reduce potential harm or fatality. Remember if you need non-judgemental and confidential support concerning your drug use you can contact us by phone (028 90 319 030) or e-mail (

How to reduce potential harm whilst using GHB, GBL & BD

  • Be careful with your dosing especially if you haven’t taken these drugs before
  • Don’t re-dose if you still feel high
  • Wait at least two hours between doses
  • Shake the bottle before dosing to avoid later doses being too strong as G tends to settle at the bottom of the bottle.
  • Don’t mix with alcohol or other drugs
  • Mixing alcohol, opiates sedatives, tranquillizers or hypnotics – even several hours a part – can be fatal!
  • Never dose on an empty stomach as this can mean you have a lower tolerance and overdose more easily.
  • If you’re feeling dizzy or sick notify someone immediately and lie on your side as unconsciousness can happen quickly with G.
  • If someone passes out on G and cannot be woken call 999 immediately.

General tips for reducing harm whilst using drugs

  • If you are using injected drugs -Do not share needles
  • UIf you are snorting powdered drugs – Use your own device to snort
    A pack of Post-It notes can be used as a large supply of disposable snorting straws.
  • Be extremely cautious when mixing drugs as some combinations can be harmful or even fatal!
  • Be self aware! If you choose to use a substance, know why you want to do so. Understanding your intentions can help you assess whether your use is becoming problematic.

Drug Interaction Chart

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