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Rapid HIV and Syphilis Testing

We provide free, confidential & non-judgemental rapid HIV & syphilis testing at our Belfast and Foyle centres Monday to Thursday 10AM-5PM by appointment. 

How to book a rapid HIV & Syphilis test

To book a rapid HIV & syphilis test online
click here.

Please contact Leo Lardie by phone (028 90 319 030), text (079 04 864 861) or e-mail ( for more details or to book. 

What is rapid HIV & syphilis testing?

Rapid HIV and Syphilis testing is a thirty to forty minute consultation with a trained member of staff from The Rainbow Project where you will take a finger prick blood test which checks for the antibodies of HIV and traces of the Syphilis bacteria. You receive your results there and then.

Who can get a rapid HIV & syphilis test?

To get a rapid HIV & syphilis test you must be at least 18 years old and be either:

A man who is gay, bisexual or has sex with other men.

A transgender man or woman or non-binary person

Someone who is at ‘high-risk’ of contracting HIV (i.e. had unprotected anal or vaginal sex, a homeless person, sex worker, intravenous drug user etc.)

Someone who is in high distress regarding their HIV and/or Syphilis status  

If you’re concerned about your sexual health and are not sure whether you qualify to access a rapid HIV & syphilis test at Rainbow Project, please contact us to discuss further. If we are not able to provide you with rapid testing we may be able to signpost you elsewhere. 

How accurate is rapid HIV & syphilis testing?

Tests have a 99.6% accuracy rate from twelve weeks after a sexual incident or encounter. This means that if you’ve contracted HIV or syphilis in the last twelve weeks, it may not be detected by rapid testing. Though we have no issue with you getting a rapid test within twelve weeks of an encounter you are worried about, you must come for a second test post twelve weeks to rule out any infection.

If you’ve more questions or concerns please click here for our Frequently Asked Questions about rapid HIV & syphilis testing or contact Leo Lardie to discuss further.

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