Hate Crime

Hate Crime/Incident

A hate incident is any act, gesture or threat that is perceived by the victim or a witness to be motivated by hate. For lesbian, gay or bisexual people this is homophobic hate; for transgender individuals this is transphobic hate. A hate incident does not necessarily have to qualify as a crime.

A stranger, housemate, family member, colleague, partner or neighbour can all demonstrate homophobic or transphobic behaviour and actions. This can have a direct impact on your safety, your property, your belongings, your children and your mental health.

The advocacy service has been put in place to support victims who naturally and understandably are fearful of the consequences to themselves and the perpetrators of homophobic or transphobic hate incidents.

Threats, violence, verbal abuse, intimidation, vandalism and damage, sexual assault and/or coercion are all ways you can be affected by homophobia/transphobia/biphobia, hate and discrimination whether it is coming from members of the public or your own family.

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