Thank you for registering your interest in participating in the LGBTQI+ focus groups.

The Rainbow Project have recently hosted a survey entitled State of the Community. The results of this survey will help us identify the needs of our community, allow us to develop and maintain services catered to meet those needs. In addition, this research will help us ensure that our campaigns reflect the need and will of the community we serve.

Throughout the few months we will be carrying out further surveys specifically looking at the experiences of LGBTQIA+ people from ethnic minorities backgrounds and/or living with disabilities. As part of this research we carried out a series of focus groups over June and July 2021, to allow us to explore issues in details, generate ideas and explore issues which are not possible in other types of research. 


But don’t worry we are hosting one final session for anyone who missed out. This will take place on Monday 26 July 2021 at 6pm and there are spaces still available. 

We want to talk to a wide range of LGBTQI+ people across Northern Ireland about their experiences of living and working in Northern Ireland. We will be hosting over 11 different focus groups.

These sessions will take place via Zoom, you will then have the option to have your camera off during this and use a pseudonym.
All sessions will be recorded purely for minute taking and will be deleted once the summary of the session has been written up.

Participation is voluntary and you can withdraw at any point. If you do not wish to take apart it will not affect how we provide our advice and information services to you in any way.

You will be asked to attend a focus group organised and delivered by The Rainbow Project Staff. This group will last about 1.5 hours and will involve up to 10* other participants. The group will be asked to share views and experiences on a range of issues relating to your experiences of living, working and equality issues, discrimination and barriers to support.

Your cooperation in this research will take up some of your personal time.

You will be part of a larger project that is aiming to improve the lives of LGBTQI+ people in Northern Ireland. Your contributions will help us create and development of new services and improve policy making by government departments.

All information you provide will be securely kept on a password protected computer. No names or organisations will be identified within the research process unless you specifically consent to this. Data from any focus groups will be kept securely and fully anonymised.

If you have any query about the focus groups you can speak directly to The Rainbow Project Director John O’Doherty and/or alternatively Policy and Advocacy Manager, Aisling Twomey.

A report will be written and presented in our report on the State of the Community, all data directly from participants will be fully anonymised.

All focus group information will be reviewed by The Rainbow Project Director John O’Doherty and Policy and Advocacy Manager Aisling Twomey

The Rainbow Project, 29-31 Waring Street, Belfast, BT1 2DX
Office: 02890319030

John O’Doherty

Aisling Twomey
Policy and Advocacy Manager

Focus Group Consent Form

Please identify which group you would like to join, if you would like to join multiple sessions that may be possible.  

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