I used the power of my vote for a resounding YES – 17,105 kmís away from home!

I love the smell of equality in the morning! Today I awoke to the momentous news that 62% of Australian’s had voted YES in favour of marriage equality! So many friends and loved one’s had sent messages making sure that even though I am not living in my home town of Melbourne anymore, I am still included in the elation and celebration (even if I am missing the party of the century!).

When the postal survey was announced by the Australian Government I swiftly registered as an ‘Overseas elector’ so that I could still wield my pen as an Australian living in Belfast. I used the power of my vote for a resounding YES – 17,105 km’s away from home! There was still work to be done from afar; conversations with family, actively reaching out with support to those who needed it (which let’s face it, we all did!), writing, sharing and liking positive messages and resources on social media and finally, being super kind to myself and recognizing the emotional impact of the campaign.

Today I feel just that little bit more loved, a lot more safe to be a proud member of the LGBT community and a whole lot more inspired that together we can continue to achieve full recognition and equality safe from homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. WE BLOODY DID IT!

I look forward to the day that we can celebrate marriage equality here too, let’s all march forward together!

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