Sports are for everyone

The Rainbow Project are disappointed by the decision by IRFU to ban trans women from competing in contact rugby.

Sport is not just physical activity, it helps improve health (both physical and mental), provide development skills and can create a sense of community and belonging.

Unfortunately, LGBTQIA+ people still face barriers when trying to enter and participate in sports. They face discrimination and harassment at all levels of sport, from the community and recreational levels to the professional and elite levels.

Positive role models can have a real influence and help break the barriers that restrict LGBTQIA+ people from participating in sports and physical activity. Role Models such as Marrissa Callaghan (captain of the Northern Ireland Women’s National Team), Tom Daly (Diving) Nicola Adams (Boxing), Gareth Thomas (Rugby), and Emma Rose from Belfast (ESports) are all examples of strong LGBTQIA+ role models within the sporting world. Their stories have helped inspire people of all ages and make people realise that LGBTQIA+ people have a space in the world of sport.

The Rainbow Project will continue to work to ensure the full inclusion of LGBTQIA+ people across all sports and to ensure that sports are for everyone.

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